Groundfish Recovery

Chef Power Hour: What Chefs Need to Know About West Coast Groundfish

Virtually all groundfish caught in California, Oregon, and Washington are now either a Seafood Watch “good alternative,” or “best choice” for chefs. How did this fishery turn around, and what can chefs do to help finish the job? Chef Rick Moonen (RM Seafood), Derek Figueroa (Seattle Fish), Giovanni Comin (Santa Monica Seafood), Jordan Bow (Royal Hawaiian Seafood), Fortune Fish, Sheila Bowman (Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch) and Tim Fitzgerald (EDF) joined us on Wednesday, January 28 for our Chef Power Hour: what chefs need to know about the striking recovery of West Coast groundfish.

Catch the highlights of the call on Twitter, and/or listen to the call recording:

Groundfish Suppliers

Many suppliers across the country offer species of groundfish – you just have to know to ask! In addition, the below suppliers participated in the Chef Power Hour:

Please contact us if you’d like help finding another supplier in your area.

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