Bristol Bay Sockeye

Did you tune into our Bristol Bay sockeye call on June 2? If you did – awesome, and we hope you enjoyed it! If not, have no fear, we recorded the call so you can listen to it anytime you want. If you’re short on time, try to listen to at least the first 5 minutes. You’ll hear about why Bristol Bay sockeye matter to chefs:

We covered three things on the call:

  • Why Bristol Bay Matters to Chefs: Chef Josh Lewin (formerly of Beacon Hill Bistro in Boston, MA – now Bread and Salt), has been a long-time supporter of Bristol Bay, Alaska and its delicious wild sockeye salmon. He shared how he started serving Bristol Bay sockeye, and ultimately formed a strong relationship with the fishing village of Egegik in Alaska.
  • Pebble Mine and a Policy Update: Katherine Carscallen (Fisherman and Sustainability Director at Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association or BBRSDA) dove into a timely policy update on the proposed Pebble Mine that threatens to decimate the fishing communities and sockeye population in Bristol Bay. We learned that the EPA’s next upcoming comment period on this issue hits in August 2014, and that chefs will have a vital role to play in submitting powerful comments to help the EPA make the right choice.
  • Bristol Bay Sockeye Sourcing: Elizabeth Herendeen (Marketing Director, BBRSDA) discussed how chefs can best work with Bristol Bay sockeye in restaurants, and fielded questions on sourcing as well as working with frozen sockeye.

If you have any questions about Bristol Bay sockeye, and how you can get involved with efforts to savor and protect Bristol Bay, contact us or Elizabeth at BBRSDA:

You can also catch our Savor Bristol Bay Dinner Series with Paul Greenberg that took place this summer! All details are online.