Save (and Savor) Bristol Bay

SavorBB-logoIn Summer 2013, Chefs Collaborative teamed up with the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association on a dinner series to help protect Bristol Bay’s wild sockeye salmon.

About Bristol Bay: Bristol Bay, Alaska is home to one of our nation’s most incredibly valuable wild salmon fisheries. Every year, approximately 37.5 million adult wild salmon return over the course of just a few weeks between the end of June through mid-July. Read more about Bristol Bay here.

The Problem: The salmon is under threat from foreign mining corporations that want to turn the pristine Bristol Bay watershed into the Pebble Mine, a vast industrial mining operation. If built, this would be North America’s largest open-pit mine, and they risk destroying a $1.5 billion commercial and sport salmon fishery that is highly valued by chefs across the country.

The Solution: 90+ chefs and restaurants hosted Bristol Bay salmon dinner events this summer. Through the dinners, chefs educated their customers, the media, and the public about Bristol Bay salmon and the need to protect their habitat from Pebble Mine.

2013 Bristol Bay Dinner Series Photos:

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Explore the map below to see where dinners were held in Summer 2013:

View Bristol Bay 2013 in a larger map