Member chef Kyle Mendenhall of The Kitchen (CO) roasting lamb during the 2014 Sustainable Food Summit in Boulder, Colorado

What is ‘Good Food’? Good food begins with unpolluted air, land, and water, environmentally sustainable farming and fishing, and humane animal husbandry. Good Food is sourced, cooked, and served with integrity, respecting this principle.

Where does the money go? 100% of proceeds support Chefs Collaborative scholarship and education programs. Chefs Collaborative is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies on Member and friend support to inspire, educate, and amplify the voices of chefs and culinary professionals who care about sourcing, cooking, and serving better food to help change the way America eats and create a better food system.

How do I send in funds? Good Food Funders send in funds by donating online or by mailing a check.

  • Donate online: donate online here, and note in your donation that it is for The Good Food Fund. 
  • Mail a check: please make checks payable to Chefs Collaborative, and mail to: Chefs Collaborative, PO Box 425088, Cambridge, MA. 02142.

I want to do this, but only for a period of time. What are my options? How you implement the Good Food Fund is up to you! Some chefs choose to designate a particular day of the week as a day to support the Good Food Fund, or host the Fund during a particular season that’s most relevant to them.

Example 1: For example, chef Piper Davis of Grand Central Bakery is donating $1 from the price of every Bristol Bay Sandwich they sell in summer 2015. Piper says that she’s “doing this because chefs are an important voice in protecting the fishing waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska from the threat of the Pebble Mine.”
Example 2: every Monday is Good Food day!
Example 3: Host a Good Food Dinner to celebrate the Fall harvest.

Where can I find tools to help me implement this in my restaurant or business? You’ll soon be able to access messaging in our online toolkit.

I’m a producer or purveyor, not a chef or restaurant. How can I participate? The Good Food Fund is accessible to all food professionals, and we’d love for you to be involved! If you do not have a restaurant or similar food service establishment, the easiest way is to implement a donation program such as donating a percentage of sales from your business.

Can I do this as an individual? We are so appreciative of the people who want to get involved in the Good Food Fund! We recommend that you consider donating to the organization, if a donation is within your means, and noting that your contribution is in honor of the Good Food Fund. Thank you!


Contact us: info@chefscollaborative.org