Waste Not

May 20 – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Chefs Collaborative Members in New Hampshire are coming together to benefit Gather, a local organization helping those in need through thoughtful repurposing of food!

The dinner is hosted by chef Jenny Nelson at Nibblesworth in Portsmouth. Eight of the area’s top chefs will be collaborating to present the evening’s fare: Evan Mallett of Black Trumpet Bistro, Rob Martin of Sixteen Fifty Two, Chris Wall of The Wilder, Lee Frank of, Mark Segal of La Casita , David Vargas of Vida Cantina, Kevin Johnson of Embers Bakery and Brent Hazelbaker of Martingale Wharf.

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Sustainable Butchering Demo & Tasting: Sheep

May 21 – San Francisco, CA

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In this workshop tailored for professional cooks, leading advocate for sustainable butchery Adam Danforth will discuss the virtues of older animals, how working muscles render more flavor, the inverse relationship of taste and texture, and why we should be supporting farmers more by consuming their older and cull animals. The workshop will include a rundown of meat science and how we experience it as deliciousness, all the while breaking down an older animal into primals and cuts. Adam will answer questions along the way and relate the animal’s anatomy to that of other farmyard species. Blind tastings will provide insight into the underlying science of muscle function, texture, and flavor.

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Eat It Up: Food Talks with Evan Mallett

May 31 – Exeter, New Hampshire

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Photo by Peter Biello

Whether you are a foodie, aspiring cook, or just love good food, this is for you. Join us as featured chef, Evan Mallett, spends the evening discussing the basis of great cooking, his creative process, a recipe demonstration from his new book, Black Trumpet: A Chef’s Journey Through Eight New England Seasons, and a tasting for all audience members. Evan has even hinted about singing a song…

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 Save the Date

Be sure to check back soon for more details on these upcoming events!

  • Hemp Dinner in Charlotte, NC: Local Leader chef Clark Barlowe will be presenting another Hemp Dinner event at Heirloom Restaurant, date TBA.
  • Atlanta Local Group Spring Mixer (May 6): Local Leaders Ashley Auer and Steven Satterfield are hosting their Spring Mixer on May 6th from 2-5PM at Better / Half. This is a closed event.
  • Sustainable Seafood Symposium in Rhode Island (June 6): Board Co-Chair Derek Wagner and Local Leader Jake Rojas are planning a collaborative event with the Jacques Pépin Foundation and Johnson & Wales University to celebrate Chefs Collaborative’s 25th anniversary! Mark your calendars for June 6 – more info to come!

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