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Chefs from the Denver/Boulder area recognized at the 2014 Sustainable Food Summit in Boulder, CO.

Locals are the heart and soul of Chefs Collaborative. Locals promote Chefs Collaborative’s mission and principles through a range of Member-led activities, including: collaborative dinners and fundraisers, field trips to local food businesses, hands-on workshops, speaking events, and networking events.

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Atlanta (ATL): Local Leader chef Steven Satterfield (Miller Union)

Boston (BOS): Local Leader chef Larry Leibowitz (Bambolina Restaurant)

Charleston (CHS): Local Leader chef Kevin Getzewich (The Macintosh)

Charlotte (CLT): Local Leader chefs Clark Barlowe (Heirloom Restaurant)

Columbia (CAE): Local Leader chef Kristian Niemi (Bourbon)

Denver (DEN): Local Leaders chefs Daniel Asher (Edible Beats, River and Woods) & Kelly Whitaker (Basta, Cart-Driver)

Ft Myers (FTM): Local Leader chef David Rashty (Babcock Ranch Table & Tap), & Ken Ryan (Herban Gardens)

Hudson Valley (HDV): Local Leader Stephen Mancini (Restaurant North)

Knoxville (KNX): Local Leaders chefs Drew McDonald (The Plaid Apron) & Dave Thomasson (Farm-to-Griddle Crepes)

Los Angeles (LAX): Local Leader chef Sammy Monsour (Preux and Proper)

New Hampshire (NHS): Local Leaders chefs Rob Martin (When Pigs Fly Pizzeria) & Brendan Vesey (Joinery Restaurant)

Ohio River Valley (ORV): Local Leaders chefs Justin Dean (Mad House Vinegar Co., Chefs Collaborative Board Member) & Stephen Williams (Bouquet Restaurant)

Palm Springs (PSP): Local Leader chef Justin Bailey (Sodexo)

Philadelphia (PHL): Local Leader Chazz Alberti (Deft and Delicious) and Shelby Zitelman (Soom Foods)

Rhode Island (RHI): Local Leaders chefs Jake Rojas (Tallulah’s on Thames) & Derek Wagner (Nicks on Broadway, Chefs Collaborative Board Member)

Sarasota (SRQ): Local Leader chef Steve Phelps (Indigenous Restaurant) & Tracy Freeman (Edible Sarasota)

Western Massachusetts (WMA): Local Leaders chefs Andy J. Cox (Smith College) & Mary Reilly (Edible Pioneer Valley)

Stay tuned for more Locals coming soon!


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