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Photo: Chefs together at the 2014 Summit in Boulder, CO. L to R: chefs Kevin Angley, Stephen Mancini (Restaurant North, Armonk, NY), and Evan Mallett (Chef/Owner, Black Trumpet and Board Member, Chefs Collaborative).

Local groups are the heart and soul of Chefs Collaborative. Locals promote Chefs Collaborative’s Mission and Principles through a range of Member-led activities, including: collaborative dinners and fundraisers, field trips to local food businesses, hands-on workshops, speaking events, and networking events.

The goals of Local groups are to

  1. Inspire and educate chefs and food professionals on a local level to help them source, cook, and serve good food

  2. Connect like-minded chefs and food professionals in the local community

  3. Celebrate Members’ passions and regional foodsheds through Member-led events for the broader community


“As a Local Leader, I am fortunate to connect with a myriad of dynamic professionals from various sectors of the hospitality industry. For me, this means I have access to endless learning.  I particularly love the camaraderie and team spirit that I find in fellow Chefs Collaborative Members. It’s the biggest small family I know!” – Chef Larry Leibowitz, Director of Culinary Innovation, Guckenheimer, Boston Local Leader

“Chefs Collaborative Local groups allow chefs to have an open forum for discussion and learning. The conversations and [relationships] that happen can help forge change and growth in our communitites, and facilitate a deeper connection in the food community.” – Chef Steven Satterfield, Executive Chef/Co-Owner, Miller Union, Atlanta co-Local Leader

“The Chefs Collaborative Local group in Tennessee has helped pulled together like minds. We’re working for change on a local level and successfully partnering with a national movement, through Chefs Collaborative, to achieve greater progress.” – Chef Drew McDonald, Executive Chef, The Plaid Apron Cafe, Knoxville Local Leader

Who can join a Local group

Current Members of Chefs Collaborative can take part in Locals. If you’re not a current Member, please join or renew today.

How to connect with a Local group

Connect with a Local group near you by exploring our Locals map. Don’t see one in your neck of the woods? Learn about how to start a Local!


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