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SaraBrito_headshotWe’re excited to introduce Sara Brito as the new Executive Director of Chefs Collaborative. Sara joins Chefs Collaborative after consulting with the organization over the past year and volunteering on our Board of Director’s marketing committee for the past two years.

Most recently, Sara was working with mission-driven CEOs, entrepreneurs, creative agencies and nonprofits to help them grow their organizations to the next level.

Her strategy work was recently featured in The New York Times Magazine cover story, “Broccoli’s Extreme Makeover,” by Pulitzer Prize-winning Author Michael Moss.

Prior to this, Sara was the Chief Branding Officer and Director of Community for The Kitchen family of restaurants and nonprofit.  In this role, she collaborated with Co-Founders Kimbal Musk (Co-Founder PayPal and Board of Directors of Tesla, SpaceX and Chipotle), Chef Hugo Matheson (formerly of The River Cafe in London) and Artist Jen Lewin to create and launch two new restaurant concepts and a national nonprofit in two years – The Kitchen Next Door (2011), The Kitchen Community 501c3 nonprofit (2011) and The Kitchen Denver (2012) – as well as develop the strategy for future growth and expansion.  The Kitchen Next Door has grown to 3 locations in Colorado.  The Kitchen has grown to 3 locations in Colorado with plans to open in Chicago in October 2014.

Sara brings 15+ years of senior leadership experience with nationally recognized culinary brands and industry organizations (The Kitchen family of restaurants and nonprofit, Snooze A.M. Eatery, Chefs Collaborative, Slow Food NYC), top creative and digital agencies (Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Digitas) and Fortune 100 companies (Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor).

Her successful track record includes award-winning work for such iconic brands as American Express (Member’s Project), Domino’s (Pizza Turnaround), Kraft (You Know You Love It), Vail (EpicMix) and B-Cycle (Launch).

Sara is also the Founder of “Girls on Fire” a global and local community of women celebrating women + food + drink – everyone from the people who grow it, make it, serve it, photograph it, promote it, and enjoy it – with a mission to unleash the fire that lives inside every woman.

While living in New York City, Sara served on the Board of Slow Food NYC (2003 – 2008) where she helped create and launch the NYC Snail of Approval program, a directory of the restaurants, bars, food and beverage artisans, and stores and markets that because of their contributions to the quality, authenticity and sustainability of the food supply of the City of New York, have been awarded the SFNYC Snail of Approval.  Slow Food USA is planning to expand this program across the country. Sara also participated in Slow Food’s Terra Madre in Turin, Italy in 2007.

Sara’s roots in food began growing up in a small farming community in Western New York known as ‘Home of the Peach Festival.’

She currently splits her time between Boulder, CO and Brooklyn, NY.



AlishaFowler_HeadshotAlisha joined Chefs Collaborative in December 2012 as the Program Director. Alisha leads Chefs Collaborative’s national programming efforts, including the planning and implementation of the annual Sustainable Food Summit.

Alisha came to Chefs Collaborative from Oakland, California where she worked with the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) to scale and lead their national climate science programs.

During her time with ACE, Alisha helped the organization grow from a small start-up to a national leader in science education – educating more than 1 million high school students about climate science and solutions in less than two years. Alisha later became involved with ACE’s fundraising efforts, and she helped ACE raise $1.2 million for national programs.

Previously, Alisha worked in communications with the National Wildlife Federation, as a summer fellow with the Breakthrough Institute, and as a campus organizer with the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group.

Alisha graduated with a B.A. in Geoscience and Environmental Studies from Hamilton College, and she is thrilled to be working at the nexus of food and environmental sustainability with Chefs Collaborative. Alisha lives in Cambridge, MA.