Five Tips for Managing Food Costs

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4 Responses to “Five Tips for Managing Food Costs”

  1. Rachel Herman Says:

    !00% Utilization? Yeah, a few ideas seemed reasonable enough…but, using salmon bones for terrine? Meat trimmings for meatloaf? Bluefish trimmings for smoked bluefish?. Asparagus stems to make soup? Obscene is right! I say throw the bones and meat trimmings into their respective stocks, and serve the whole fish and the whole asparagus.

  2. LeighB Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    It’s all a matter of personal style. I think the idea is that if you have trimmings from fish, meat, vegetables, whatever, to think creatively about how to use them–stock, fishcakes, meatloaf, whatever.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Peter Says:

    Peel first and then use all leftovers in your compost bin. Composters turn vegetarian waste into black gold.
    The idea of using the whole plant or animal is ripe for medieval foods.

  4. Brian Says:

    Even if one cannot use everything they can always talk to a local farm or composting station to donate their leftover trimmings of meat or produce.

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