Your Voice Makes a Difference.

Every chef and culinary professional has an important voice in the conversation around food.

Chefs Collaborative is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit network working to inspire, educate, and amplify the voices of chefs and culinary professionals working to change the way America eats.

By participating in Chefs Collaborative, you're joining thousands of chefs and culinary professionals across the country who care about how they source, cook, and serve food.


Chefs and culinary professionals have made a real, tangible difference in the fight to protect Bristol Bay, Alaska, its wild sockeye salmon fishery, and the surrounding community. In this video, fishermen from Bristol Bay thank Chefs Collaborative members for their partnership with the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association and their work to educate peers, diners, and seafood buyers about the critical importance of Bristol Bay. This video reaffirms that your voice, and your actions, make a difference. Thank you!
JoinNow Header image credit: Kirsten Boyer Photography